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Future Tybee Island Wedding: Megan + Bobby

Megan Gaertner and Bobby Smith

Date Engaged
 December 15, 2012

Where did you meet? 
We met in the 5th grade in Mrs. Keller's 5th-grade class, we were reunited over Facebook many, many years later while Bobby was home on leave from Afghanistan. Bobby had many missed connections when he was home on leave, but we did reconnect when he was stationed in Egypt. We promised each other that when he came back home from Egypt that we would grab a drink and catch up. On June 4, 2011, Bobby and I met up at Rita's Roadhouse in Downers Grove, IL. It was a night we will never forget :) 

How did he propose?
 Bobby's side of the story: It was the day after finals had ended and I had planned a special night out to celebrate the semester being over. At least that is what I had told her that week. I had planned the 
proposal for a few months and went over several options. Finally I decided I would propose at the 
restaurant where we had our very first date. I planned where I would do it, what I would say, and even how to get someone to take a picture of that special moment without her knowing that it was coming. When the moment came I got down on my knee and completely forgot what I was going to say. At that same moment I looked down at the ring box and saw that the ring had fallen into the lid of the box. I picked it up as quickly as possible and put it back in place. Then I just remember looking up at the most beautiful girl in the world and asking, "Will you marry me?" and she made me the happiest guy in the world when she said, "yes!"

Megan's side of the story: We just had finished up our yummy mediterranean bread, when Bobby asked our waiter if he could take a picture of us while we were waiting for our pizza pot pies to be served. I honestly didn't think anything of it, because Bobby and I always take a picture when we are at 
Oven Grinders on the north side of Chicago. Oven Grinders was our "occasional celebration" spot so I never thought anything of when he asked if I would go to dinner that night to celebrate our finals week and fall semester being over with.  Bobby stood up, and came over to my end of the booth where he bent down to take our photo. After the photo was taken, Bobby never left his "kneeling" position, and turned away from me as if he was hurt.  In my mind, I was gathering that he had fallen and he couldn't get up. I felt so horrible for him! How embarrassing, I thought. I finally said to him after a few seconds of wondering if he was okay, "Did you fall, Bobby? Are you okay? What's wrong?" Bobby looked up at me at that moment, and gave me a huge smile, and pulled out a little blue box from behind his back. He said with a stutter, "Will you marry me?" I was so filled with excitement, I immediately looked down at the box and noticed that the ring was missing, and started to laugh. Bobby looked at me to see what I was laughing at, and he said, "Oh no!" Bobby panicked and saw that in the back of the box was the "missing ring". After he quickly placed the ring back in its place, he smiled and asked again, "Will you marry me?" Ring or not, I said yes!!!!!! Our waiter was so filled with excitement, that he was snapping pictures on my iPhone the whole time. He told us after Bobby proposed, he had no idea what was going on, but was so excited. The whole restaurant congratulated us, and sent us over drinks. It absolutely was unforgettable! 

When is your wedding date? 
 June 12, 2014 at the Tybee Island wedding chapel in Tybee Island, Georgia 

Why did you pick the area you are getting married in?   
Bobby and I were driving down to Miami to see NIU play in the Orange Bowl over NYE. We decided to take a detour to savannah, as we both had never been, but heard nothing but beautiful things about it. When we arrived it was love at first sight. The history, the buildings, the people. Because we are both beach bums, we decided to take a drive towards Tybee, and see what our family and friends raved about when they would come home from spring break vacation. It truly was breath taking and 
unforgettable. We decided when we came home from our long trip that we were going to have our 
wedding in either Savannah, or Tybee Island, Georgia. We searched and search a million different 
places to get married at but none of them truly fit who are until we stumbled across the chapel. The 
Tybee Island wedding chapel was everything we ever wanted. We had the beach right around the corner, and the architecture and the history behind the chapel was everything Bobby and Megan were all about. We are counting down the minutes and days until our wedding next year. We simply cannot wait!

Where do you reside now? 
Dekalb, Illinois in the heart of Northern Illinois University - Huskie nation! We both 
are current Huskies at NIU.

We can't wait either! It's going to be such a special day and we're honored to share in it.
The MGE Team

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  1. Thank you for such a beautiful article of Megan and Bobby's Love Story. It made me cry, yet again. lol....I cannot wait for the wedding, which will be beautiful because of you, the Morgan Gallo Family and what you do.
    Thank you gain
    Mother of the Bride


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